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Saturday, 20 September 2014



Adhesive Mats

For all your cleanroom needs, you can rely on the CLEANtack high quality adhesive products that meet the need of any critical environment. These products include: Adhesive mats, Adhesive rollers, Tapes, Handles, and Adhesive mat frames. Our adhesive mats are manufactured and processed in Class 100 environments and are delivered in cleanroom poly-bags.

The material type of our adhesive products includes ESD safe polyethylene film, non-woven PET, and reusable adhesive foam. Try our Step One Adhesive Mats which are made from thin layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film for secure positioning of the mat to the floor. Our CLEANtack Cleanroom Tape is made from low density polyethylene film with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Or choose from our CleanRoll adhesive rollers which are ideal for removing dust from smooth surfaces, Foam Rollers made especially for cleaning textured surfaces, and Handles that are available in a variety of styles.

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