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Advantage Plus Sleeves

Advantage Plus Sleeves

Product Details

The Advantage Plus Sleeves are the ultimate alternative to Tyvek®. The Sleeves offer protection in general purpose industrial applications. The fabric will not let water-based liquids penetrate. Lightweight yet durable, Advantage Plus is ideal for food manufacturing, light industrial, cleanroom, and similar industries where a low particulate barrier garment is necessary. By lightly coating polypropylene with a layer of polyethylene, the material has a reduced particle release and protects from water based liquids and certain chemicals. This coated material is an economical choice for worker comfort and safety.

Color: White
Packaging: 200 sleeves per case

Applications: Paint spraying, pesticides handling, asbestos, abatement, cleanroom, fiberglass handling, food processing, general maintenance, light chemicals, mining operations, nuclear industries, dental, surgical scrub, veterinary.

Product Variants

SKUDescriptionWeight (pounds)
Sleeve, 18"
Sleeve, 20"

Product Summary

The Advantage Plus sleeves are the ultimate alternative to Tyvek®. This unique fabric is lightweight yet durable. Polyethylene coated polypropylene is an economical choice for worker comfort and safety.


200 sleeves per case