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Tyvek Hoods

Tyvek Hood

Product Details

Tyvek® is a unique material made of a spunbonded olefin. These protective coveralls are made with the fabric has become a standard in the industry for worker safety, material strength and durability. Tyvek® provides an excellent barrier against dry particulates including asbestos, lead dust and radioactive dust. Uncoated Tyvek® does provide splash protection, but is not recommended for extended exposure to liquid chemicals and gases.

Applications: Paint spraying, pesticides handling, asbestos abatement, cleanroom, fiberglass handling, food processing, general maintenance, light chemicals, mining operations, and nuclear industries.

Hoods come with snap front  or elastic band option. Packaged 50/case

Product Variants

SKUDescriptionWeight (pounds)
Tyvek Hood with Snap Front
Tyvek Hood with elastic

Product Summary

Tyvek® Hoods provide superior protection against light splashes, as well as dust and other airborne particles. These hoods come with snap front or elastic option for hood closure.