Total Source is your Single Source Solution for products including: disposable apparel, gloves, adhesive mats and rollers, cleanroom wipers, electrostatic dissipative devices, finger cots, respirators, safety glasses, hard hats, face shields, and more!
Thursday, 18 September 2014

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Cleanroom and Safety Supplies

Global Manufacturer of Cleanroom & Safety Products 

Total Source Manufacturing is your single source solution for disposable apparel, cleanroom supplies, safety supplies, lab supplies and medical supplies. We are the convenient one-stop shop for the medical, food handling, cleanroom and industrial safety markets, providing all possible product needs under one reliable company. Our goal is to save our customers time, money and headache by providing a name they can trust to deliver all of their supply needs. Instead of having to contact ten different suppliers to fulfill your diverse product needs Total Source Manufacturing deals with all the different manufacturers for you. By streamlining your company's reordering process, we reduce the time and shipping costs involved with keeping the safety and medical equipment you need on hand. If our customers are unable to sell the products they buy from us, we offer a convenient buy-back program that eliminates the customer's risk of having unsold product on hand. Total Source Manufacturing can also help our customers with private labeling to create professional, personalized products. We work with over 30 factories around the world to deliver top quality disposable apparel, ESD supplies, lab supplies, cleanroom supplies, hard hats and more.  Our extensive range of products includes coveralls, tacky mats, cleanroom mats, adhesive mats, finger cots, shoe covers, bouffant caps, face masks, safety glasses and respirators. We also carry a wide range of safety gloves and hand covers including latex gloves, disposable gloves, glove liners, work gloves and lab gloves. Our lab, medical, industrial and cleaning supplies come from top name brand companies including Cleantack, Ivanhoe, DuraShield, Electrostat, Nogma, Qvis, Respir-X, Ultraguard, Unitek and Vector, so you can provide your clients with the names they recognize and trust. 

Total Source is your Single Source Solution for products including: disposable apparel, gloves, adhesive mats and rollers, cleanroom wipers, electrostatic dissipative devices, finger cots, respirators, safety glasses, hard hats, face shields, and more!

With over 30 factories around the world, the Total Source Divisions manufacture a wide range of consumable goods that meet the needs of your customers in the cleanroom, medical, food handling, and industrial safety markets.


Cleanroom Supplies

If you are working in an environment that requires thorough sanitation, such as a lab, or work with sensitive electronic instruments, cleanroom supplies are an instrumental tool in maintaining a safe, clean workspace. Cleanroom wipes make up a big category of cleanroom supplies, allowing for thorough decontamination of any hard surface which has been exposed to bacteria, allergens, pollutants or chemicals. Due to the sensitive environments they may be needed for, these cleanroom supplies are durable and resistant to tearing when exposed to moisture.

Here at Total Source Manufacturing, we are dedicated to offering individuals and companies quality safety and cleanroom supplies. All of our supplies are wholesale priced, making them accessible to anyone ranging from a large medical lab to an independent computer technician who works from home. Aside from cleanroom wipes, we're also a wholesale distributor of safety goggles, dust masks, disposable gloves, cleanroom mops, disposable garments and more. With TSMFG, you can be assured that your equipment and personnel are better protected against contaminants or detrimental particles. We are proud to be a premier supplier of cleanroom supplies throughout the US, place your order today! 


Safety Supplies

Here at Total Source Manufacturing we provide some of the most important and popular safety supplies, whether needed for home, industrial, or recreational usage. Our inventory of safety supplies caters to a wide range of professions and applications, and features items such as safety glasses, disposable apparel, electrostatic dissipative devices, cleanroom wipers, mats, dust masks/respirators, gloves, earmuffs, bump caps, adhesive mats, and much more. A good number of the safety supplies we have available are especially useful in laboratory and medical settings, where sanitary conditions must be maintained and sensitive instrumentation is often at risk.

One of the reasons that TSMFG has become such a go-to source for quality safety supplies is that our prices are some of the lowest available. Through a wealth of distributors, we are able to buy in bulk and pass factory savings on to you. We are also a premier source for many establishments due to our wide selection of safety supplies and cleaning supplies, which removes the need for our clients to go to a number of different supply distributors in order to purchase the items they need.

TSMFG is a one-stop shop for industrial quality safety supplies and cleaning supplies.


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